Searching Public Records

There are 3 search options for Hancock County Maine recorded documents. If you have questions or concerns regarding searching please contact the Register of Deeds Office at (207) 667-8353.


Laredo was designed for users who spend a significant amount of time searching data. Laredo is a downloadable program that allows 24 hour instant access to the most current information available and can be used in the Recorder of Deeds Office as well as the convenience of a home or office setting. Laredo has a customizable result screen and users have the ability to view and print images. Fidlar Technologies has partnered with Hancock County to provide customer support and training services for Laredo users. Laredo is a subscription based product and does require a contract to obtain a User Name and Password.

Laredo Application Search Public Records using Laredo


For users who only search occasionally, Tapestry is the ideal tool for searching, viewing and printing Hancock County land records. Tapestry is linked to all Fidlar customer counties so users can search any Fidlar customer county from the comfort of their own home or office. Tapestry is a web based product that allows users to create an account or pay-as-you-go with extremely fast searching and viewing of images, 24 hour seven day-a-week access with no additional fee to view documents. Tapestry is designed for occasional users and is a pay per search searching tool.

Search Public Records with Tapestry


AVA is a web based search option for Hancock County data and images. This search option requires Internet Explorer 11 or higher OR Google Chrome for searching. Direct Search is a limited field option search that allows the user to search indexed data and print images.

Search Public Records using AVA

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